Crazy And Amazing International Borders between two Countries


As similar as we are as people, we have to remember that we all hail from different countries and places that each operate on their own terms. The differences that

every nation has is made more apparent when you just see the major differences between the borders of various countries. You???ll be able to see where countries end
their obligations, even when it???s smack-dab right in the middle of a road.

Norway and Sweden

Netherlands and Belgium

The two relaxed neighbors share a border that runs through the town of in both the Netherlands and Belgium

Remember when we said that some countries take their obligations right until they don???t have to anymore? Well, the Netherlands take that to heart. The Belgian road
system is one of the most heavily congested in the world, with traffic from other European countries using it heavily. This has led to some Belgian roads literally being worn to the ground.

Former West and East Berlin

Before reuniting, the two divided sides had used different light bulbs to illuminate the streets and public areas. Sodium bulbs were used to light up East Berlin and

mostly halide bulbs were used to light West Berlin. Seen from above, you can still see the difference between the now-united sides of Berlin.

North Korea and South Korea

The whole world knows the vast difference between the two Korean nations. As seen from above at night, the difference is astonishing. The vibrant and colorful South

Korea is brightly lit, especially in the capital of Seoul. North Korea, however, is pitch black due to the overwhelming control of its leadership. The only light that could be seen is from Pyongyang, the capital where Kim Jong-Un resides.

Russia and the United States

The Diomede Islands are on either side of the Russia-US border. Despite being a mere 2.4 miles apart, the Russian island is 21 hours ahead of the American island.

United States and Mexico

The two neighboring North American countries are about as similar as night and day. The scenery on either side of the US-Mexico border supports that.

While the American side is more conservative and less-inhibited closer to the border, the Mexican side is littered with buildings, traffic, and bustling life.

The differences between the United States and Mexico are astonishing, despite being mere miles away.

United States and Canada

The United State???s other neighbor in the North, the Canadian border is a lot more discreet. With a focus on landscape in the Northern regions, the border is one that is actually quite beautiful.

The border runs through the town of Derby Line, which splits some buildings in half.

Spain and Portugal

Portugal is infamous for its poor road network. That fact is apparent here at the Spanish-Portuguese border.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Despite sharing some of the same rain forests, the Haitian side of the border bears little to no trees compared to the Dominican side.

Haiti has practiced little to no control of deforestation, leaving its side of the border barren when compared to the protected rainforests of the Dominican Republic.

Poland and Ukraine

Artist Jaroslaw Koziara designed these two fish on the border of these two countries to symbolize the unity they share.


The three South American nations share a natural border. The Parana River serves the purpose of splitting the three countries right where they meet.

China and Macau

In China, they drive on the right and in Macau, once a Portuguese colony, they drive on the left. This has led to a rather twisted border crossing that accommodates both styles.

Germany and Czech Republic

A rather beautiful border that separates Germany and the Czech Republic is formed over this bridge atop of spectacular cliffs.

Czech Republic/Germany/Poland

The borders of these three countries meet at a small forked river.

Germany and Poland
One of the older borders between Germany and Poland, the bridge over the Oder river was blown up by the Red Army in 1945.

The magnificent Mt Roraima marks a triple border divided amongst the three countries.

Spain and British Gibraltar

Argentina and Brazil
Another stunning natural border between two South American countries, The Iguazu Falls act as the border between these two countries.Distractify

Brazil and Bolivia

With Brazil being on the left side of this border and Bolivia inhabiting the other side, this shocking border shows the different levels of rainforest protection in both countries.

Austria and Slovenia

A rather nondescript border, this passing between the two countries seems pretty relaxed between two neighbors.


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