Ooh that’s why sooryavansham always shown on set max


Why?? ???Sooryavansham??? shown so repeatedly on TV?


It’s All about demand and supply.

Movie Channels are losing their viewership day by day. The internet is a big reason behind it.
Set MAX or any other movie channels purchase the telecast rights from the movie producers for a particular movie for a particular duration. This duration is usually 3/5 or may be 10 years.
Since they are losing the viewership, they tend to purchase rights for lesser number of movies and keep telecasting it every other day. Same is the case with Sooryawansham.

You can watch Hum Saath Saath Hain and Maine pyar kiya on Zee Cinema/Tv
No Entry and Gayab on Filmi
Singham and Gangajal on Star Gold

Sony shows either CID or Crime Petrol(in weekend).
Life OK shows Savdhan India.
Almost every channels are obsessed with repeating a movie or show.
So, this is not the case only with SET MAX.

There are more than 15+ Mainstream Hindi Movie Channels and more than 50 movie channels.

If there had been no viewership, channel would not have run the movie for so long.

???Sooryavansham??? was released in 1999, the same year Set Max was launched.

Sooryavansham was among top 5 movies watched on Indian Television in 2017, and it continues to rule the television viewership even in 2018.

Beyond the channels, the Movie has ruled even on Youtube with more than 30 Million Views!!!

It’s about 19 Years since the movie was released.

According to a report from Dainik Bhaskar – Vaishali Sharma, one of the Marketing heads of Sony Max has shared that the rights for ???Sooryavansham??? have been purchased by them for 100 years.

How Movie Telecast on Television ??::

Exhibitor: One who exhibits the films (e.g. PVR, FUN Cinemas etc. In our case it is Set Max)

Distributor: One who has purchased the rights from the producer of a movie to exhibit or to pass on the right to exhibit to any other exhibitor.

So, there are two types of exhibition rights in respect of a movie, one is temporary and the other is permanent.

  1. A) When a temporary right is purchased, the movie can be exhibited once or twice as per the terms of agreement between the distributor and exhibitor and payment has to be made for each exhibition.
  2. B) When a permanent right is purchased, there is only a one time payment, and the exhibitor can exhibit the movie without any restrictions.

As per my understanding, in the case of Sooryavansham, Set Max has permanent exhibition rights due to which it is exhibited without any restrictions. Moreover, Set Max has to incur no additional cost to obtain the rights for exhibition.

According to one ??Film industry person, Here is the logical reason:-

The movie is loved by the country. Its not my personal or the channel???s opinion. That’s what the numbers show. This year it aired against the premier of Saala Khadoos, Kapoor and sons apart from many other popular movies playing on other channels. The movie was the second highest viewed on the TV.
The movie fares in the top three movies of the week across all movie channels even today.Sony MAX does NOT repeat sooryavansham as often as you may like to think. There are many other movies in fact that get more runs that sooryavansham but they are not perceived to be as repetitive as sooryavansham.Sooryavansham has any way earned a cult status in the country. It is most recalled and remembered as compared to telugu dubs or rajshri movies that the movie channels run. This gives impression that Sooryavansham is played more often than any other movie.

Lastly, like any other business there is supply as per the demand. Indian audience may hate to confess this but they love south indian dubs, they love sooryavansham, they love rajshri films, they love regressive animal infested saas bahu dramas, they love telugu dubs and exaggerated action scenes and they turn their backs on Talaash, barfi, shanghai, etc. kind of movies as per what the television viewership data has been indicating for years.

This is all data. So if you don’t want the movie to be aired, stop watching it. They will stop playing it. Trust me, even they could use some relief!

If there was an award for the most sad and ‘tired’ film of all times, Indian movie buffs would gladly give it away to ‘Sooryavansham.’ Infact, at one point, it felt that the TV channel Set Max (now Sony Max) had only one movie to show- the Big B starrer ‘Sooryavansham’ where he has a double role. Amitabh Bachchan plays both the father Thakur Bhanupratap Singh and son Heera in the movie, which is a remake of a Tamil film of the same name.

???Sooryavansham??? is the Bollywood film which made record of telecasting repeatedly on the same TV channel. This historical film was released on 21 May 1999. In the film??Amitabh Bachchan was in the lead role, which seems to play a double role.??It is the only film that everyone sees on TV has come to grow from childhood.?????Set Max channel has come in a new avatar, but the film is not budge.

Amitabh in a single role sab pe bhaari padta hai. But in this film, he had a double role! Naturally, the people were elated. More so, because Amitabh was back after a long hiatus from acting.??Although the film was a little above average at the box office, critics hailed Amitabh Bachchan???s performance as one of his best since his comeback after a hiatus in 1997.


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