never Say these things to Manager/Boss even if you’re close


Even if you work in a casual environment and have a warm relationship with your manager, there are some things you should never say to your boss, Getting along with your boss can be great, especially when it makes the daily grind that much more enjoyable.

You may even feel so close with your boss that you hang out after work or invite them to your wedding. But at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that your buddy is still your superior, and there’s a line you probably shouldn’t cross.

Here are some Thing , we should never told to Manager/Boss even if you’re friends:

  • LEAVE me alone
  • I???m just here for the money
  • You never told me to do it
  • There???s something wrong
  • I want to do what???s easiest We have a client who had an employee literally explain that he would rather do a particularly menial task than the task that the employer had assigned because it would be easier for him. We were shocked. This is the most explicit way to alert your boss that you don???t care about improving your skill set without directly telling him. Never do this if you care about your career!
  • That takes up too much time
  • I promise to do that ??Don???t ever tell your boss you???re able to do something if you know you may not be able to deliver. It is better to be honest, ask for advice and have a proactive attitude. If you fail to deliver, then it has negative repercussions for the business, which is taken much more seriously.
  • It???s too difficult ??I get fired up when someone is paralysed and doesn???t complete a task because it???s difficult or because few others have done it. We???re a disruptive company that has to innovate, that has to do things few have done before us. One of my advisers here has a quote: ???If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.??? We won???t win if we don???t think big.
  • I don???t have an opinion The people who just sit and nod their heads are the ones who are expendable. If you want to make an impression as a valuable member of the team, offer your insights. No one ever agrees with his boss 100 per cent all the time, so make your opinion known if you have something worth saying.
  • I can???t ??I don???t want to hear excuses ever! We focus on hiring can-do, positive, creative employees with passion, drive and determination.
  • That???s not my responsibility It???s critical that everyone feels invested in the success of all areas of the business. Everyone should be willing to pitch in, even if what???s required isn???t part of their normal day-to-day activities.
  • That???s not my job Your responsibilities aren???t limited to what was listed in your original job description ??? especially at a start-up. Unless your boss is asking you to do something illegal or unethical, you should do it.
  • I don???t like working for other people An employee actually told me that he didn???t like working for other people. That person doesn???t work for me anymore!
  • I???m not working hard That’s impossible Your manager doesn’t want to hear negativity or a lack of conviction. If you have concerns, state what they are and ask for input.You’re wrong Openly criticizing or pointing out your boss’s mistake, even if they’re a friend, is a punch to the ego, and it’s a sure way to be excluded from future meetings or ignored the next time you raise your hand to speak,That’s not part of my job No job description is ever set in stone. “As cross-functional teams remain the order of the day, you’re expected to be flexible and make your boss’s life easier,I’ll try Some people think that this is an acceptable response, as we all “try” to get things done to our best ability. But it leaves a manager feeling unsure, and when assignments are given, your boss is counting on you, usually with specific deadlines


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